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Nebraska Christian College is an institution of Christian Higher Education that seeks to bring Glory to God by calling people to know Christ, preparing disciples with skills for ministry, and sending them out to make Christ known. A person applying for admissions to Nebraska Christian College:

1. Must be of teachable spirit and Christian character as evidenced and supported by character references from at least two reliable people. The names of these two references will be collected on this application. In some cases the Admissions committee may request additional references from an applicant.
2. Must have completed high school and submit a transcript of credit from his or her public, private, or home school (or GED certificate). NCC welcomes home schooled students, who may obtain a high school transcript through a home school association or may request an NCC Home School Credit Form to transmit the high school record to NCC. In certain instances, a person who has not graduated from high school may be admitted as a special student. (See “Non-Degree Students” in the “Academic Information” section of this catalog).

3. Must submit ACT or SAT scores. This requirement is sometimes waived for students who have been out of high school more than two years. NCC’s ACT code is 2473. NCC will accept ACT scores printed on an official high school transcript.
4.  Students are encouraged to look over the application before filling it out.  There is a short answer question, contact information for two references, an essay for admissions, and an optional scholarship essay that should be prepared before submitting this application.  This application cannot be saved so it is recommended that students prepare these documents before starting the application.
Biographical Information 
First Name 
Last Name 
Preferred Name 
Social Security Number 
Maiden name 
Date of Birth 
Ethnic Origin 
Contact Information 
Home Phone 
Mobile Phone 
Do we have permission to text your mobile phone/device? 
If we have your permission to text who is your cellular provider? 
Email Address 
Twitter ID 
Facebook Address 
Parent information 
Father's name 
Father's address 
Father's occupation 
Mother's name 
Mother's address (if different than fathers) 
Mother's occupation 
Parents' marital status 
 If other, please define for us.  
If separated or divorced, with which parent do you reside? 
How many siblings are at home? 
Did your Father or Mother graduate from NCC? 
Academic Background 
Graduating High School 
High School Graduation Year 
High School GPA 
ACT/SAT Composite Score 
Will you be transferring college credits? 
 From where?  
Are you coming to NCC having previously enrolled fulltime at another institution? 
 If yes, please list all institutions you have previously attended:  
College GPA 
NCC Information 
I intend to enroll: 
The term I intend to enroll: 
I intend to live: 
I will be enrolling as a: 
Select all programs of interest to study: 
 Which one do you intend to declare as a major?  
I am interested in participating in the following: 
Please list all colleges in which you plan to apply for admission: 
Personal and Faith Background 
We require two references.  One reference should be from a minister or youth minister. The second reference should be from someone who can provide insight on your academic and or work abilities like a teacher or employer.  Friends and family are highly discouraged as references.   
Home Church 
Home Church Address 
Pastor's or Youth Pastor's Name 
Pastor's or Youth Pastor's Email 
Pastor's or Youth Pastor's Phone 


Reference #1 Name 
Reference #1 Phone 
Reference #1 email 
Reference #2 Name 
Reference #2 Phone 
Reference #2 Email 
Please select which denominational category best describes you: 
 If "Other" please specify here:  
Have you consumed alcohol in the past 6 months? 
Have you consumed tobacco products in the past 6 months? 
Have you consummed illegal drugs in the past 6 months? 
If you answered yes to any of the previous three questions, do you agree to discontinue the use of these substances while on NCC's campus? 
Have you been convicted of a felony? 
 If yes, detail your conviction (what, when, and where).  
Writing Samples 
In a short answer tell us why you are interested in NCC and how NCC will prepare you for a lifetime of the Lord's work. 

Students are required to submit an original essay.  Please select 1 of the 3 questions to answer for your essay.  Your essay should be no less than 350 words.  You can upload your essay or send it by email to

1) Tell about when you first encountered Jesus Christ in a relational way.  When did you move from knowing about Christ to knowing Him personally? 
2) If you could ask God one serious question, what would it be and what effect would this question have on your view of God and how you live out your faith?
3) If you have someone in your life that has guided and mentored you, explain how that person has helped shape your life with Christ.
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Scholarship Materials 
To be considered for NCC Scholarships, Awards or Grants, please indicate which one's we should consider you for as we make our evaluations. You must meet all the requirements in order to receive the scholarship, award or grant.  
Scholarships for which I want to be considered:  
 Alumni Award
 Pastor/Missionary Award
 New Ways Singer Award
 Thinking Biblically Scholarship
 Loving Compassionately Scholarship
 Leading Courageously Scholarship
 Communicating Clearly Scholarship
 Transfer Scholarship
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